Animals should not be used in medical research essay

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Animals should not be used in medical research essay

Are animal experiments necessary and justified? Animal experiments are one of the traditional approaches to studying how human and animal bodies work in health and illness and for testing medicines and chemicals.

The UK law that controls animal experiments is supposed to reflect this. This provides a framework for making decisions about animal experiments, but the system should be implemented more effectively.

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But sweeping statements like these do not stand up to scrutiny, for two main reasons: This raises doubts about the scientific validity of applying the results from research on animals to humans.

There are many concerns about the poor quality of much animal research. The issues relating to scientific validity and quality are deeply worrying. Animal experiments like these are certainly neither necessary nor justified.

Animals should not be used in medical research essay

Efforts are at last beginning to be made to recognise and address these problems, and the concerns do not apply to all scientists and research areas. However, poor quality animal research continues to be funded, licensed, carried out and published.

What we think The scientific community, including researchers, funding bodies, journal editors and the Home Office, should do much more to critically review the scientific validity of animal experiments.

Essay on should animals be used for medical research

Animals' lives and welfare should be given higher priority. Badly designed and poorly carried out experiments are invalid science and waste animals' lives. They should not be licensed by the Home Office, given grants by funding bodies or published in scientific journals.

Even scientifically valid research may not add significantly to knowledge in its field, or it may only be of interest to a few people. This does not justify harming animals. Decisions about animal use are largely made by scientists, for scientists - a wider range of perspectives should be involved.

We want to see an end to animal suffering in the name of science. A more humane approach is needed.Animal testing – taken here to mean the use of animals in research for the purpose of furthering human concerns such as drug efficacy and the safety of products such as cosmetics – is an endeavor fraught with controversy and difficult ethical arguments.

Research in the medical field often drives the need for new technology and methods based on the findings of experiments being conducted in the field. At the same time, the research material can be as controversial as any other issue in society.

Professional essay on Pros and Cons of Animals Being Used for Medical Research Purposes

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Donating your body to research will help medical progress and may help to replace research using animals. Research on human cells and tissues is providing valuable new insights into the processes that underlie human health and disease.

Pew Research Center poll have found that 52 percent of U.S. adults oppose the use of animals in scientific research, and other surveys suggest that the shrinking group that does accept animal experimentation does so only because it believes it to be necessary for medical progress.(5,6) The reality is that the majority of animal experiments do.

(I am not a complete animal activist.) but animals that are being used in trials, dont have a say. They have no idea what is going on or why they are suffering if that turns out to the be case.) Avoid an pain to animals that have no say.

Should Animals Be Used For Medical Research Essay