Films as primary sources for history essay

Provide written, printed, or graphic information. Purpose of the communication or transaction is often clear. May indicate the social and economic status of the author.

Films as primary sources for history essay

We have a library guide with lists of other primary source collections specific to this assignment that may also be used. You may identify and use a primary document from another source with advance permission from the instructor. Sources with a family connection or from your home town could potentially be candidates.

The source must be either an eyewitness account of some important event, process, or social condition in North America betweenor an historically-relevant creative work from the period and places covered in this course such as artwork, maps, music, or economic data, that speaks to the processes and issues of the course.

The publication date of the source must be within these dates.

Primary Sources . Secondary Sources

Examples of plausible primary materials might include a letter where someone describes a new settlement or some interesting event or happening, an extended diary entry describing daily life at some period in the course, an account of a traveller describing their visit to some community, a political cartoon depicting some important issue or conflict, a newspaper account of some major event or disaster, a photograph of some interesting subject, or some sheet music that speaks to the values, beliefs, or ideas of people from the period.

Sources involving multiple countries might be especially worth considering. You may not use documents that are relatively common and widely known. Seek instead to find something that you or the rest of the class would not have encountered in some other context.

Your source should be relatively brief no more than pages, or perhaps a chapter from a bookbut long enough and sufficiently detailed so that you can meaningfully describe and contextualize it.

Be careful to avoid secondary or tertiary accounts, even those published in the period covered by the course. You will be asked to come up with a list of three or four potential primary sources a week before the final assignment is due. This list will need to include a short description of each document, along with a complete citation to it in Chicago Style format, and a short statement of why it interests you or might be worthy for this assignment.

You will get feedback about whether or not each of these are permissible and appropriate for the assignment. Once permission has been granted you may proceed with final work on the assignment. Researching and Writing the Essay: The essay should accomplish two goals.

First, it should accurately describe the source contents to someone who cannot see or read the document in question. Review your notes from earlier in the term about things to think about when reading and describing primary sources.

Films as primary sources for history essay

Be sure, too, to consider the questions you worked through in the Understanding How Primary Sources Who were the audiences? What goals was the author seeking to accomplish?

What were his or her major points or emphases? What didn't the author say that might have been included? How did Wheel of Identity factors shape the contents? Second, you should place the document into its historical context.A secondary source, on the other hand, interprets primary sources, taking several different primary sources and analyzing them to make their own arguments.

These can include the textbooks you know so well by now, biographies, documentaries, and magazine articles. · A history essay (sometimes referred to as a thesis essay) will describe an argument or claim about one or more historical events and will support that claim with evidence, arguments and references.

The text must make it clear to the reader why the argument or claim is as Primary Sources are directly taken from an individual or group of individuals, while secondary sources take information from an individual or group and analyzes the topic.

Remembering this information helps in deciding whether it is a primary or secondary  · Chicago, used mostly in history and other humanities fields. This is also sometimes called "Turabian" style.

Quote and Cite a Play in an Essay Using MLA Format. How to. Cite Wikipedia. How to. Cite a Movie.

Films as primary sources for history essay

How to. Cite an Article Inside of a Book. This version of How to Cite Primary Sources was expert co-authored by Instructions for Primary Source Analysis Essay: Due in class 3/7 Primary sources are sources created in the period being researched and by the people being researched.

(Contrast this with secondary sources, which are after-the-fact scholarly analyses of a subject.). Primary Source Essay An article in the April 13, Evening star about how Clara Barton was sarcastic to the president.

An excerpt from a diary recording daily life of .

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