Garvin dimensions of quality

We looked at options for getting the existing ones refinished, getting new shelves built inside of them, etc. And I was SO excited about it.

Garvin dimensions of quality

This requires market research in which you talk directly with your customers, whether that is your doctors, your patients, or your payors.

You first try to pinpoint what they mean when they talk about quality. Then you try to get some sense of relative importance. If you let them, people will tell you that everything is important.

One way to get this sense in a focus group is to use a forced hundred-point scale. You make a list of things people say they care about. Then you say, "Okay, now you have a hundred points.

In most cases one or two of the dimensions of quality will be far more important to patients than the others. At the same time, you should administer the same survey, with the same point scale, internally. You often find, not only is there one mismatch, there are two mismatches. The first is between the staff and the customers.

The other is between different groups within the organization -- administrative staff vs.

Garvin dimensions of quality

I have done this in manufacturing organizations. They have to figure out what the customer really wants. But I am suggesting that we often misinterpret what the customer is telling us. You can do that sort of research. You can find answers to those questions.

We are operating on supposition and self-delusion. For instance, I worked a number of years ago with one of the major phone companies.

Change Project: Garvin on Quality

I asked to see their quality surveys. They showed me how well they were doing. Their customers gave them incredibly high ratings on quality. Turns out they measured it by the time it took to connnect to a dial tone.

I said, "Is that really what your customers want? It turned out that as long as it took less than 25 seconds, which it had for years, customers could care less about connect time. What they cared about was the clarity of transmission. Some companies, like Whirlpool, require senior managers to do a stint every month on the phone hotlines, just so they never lose touch with customers.

A very specific example, which could easily be applied to healthcare: Bean, which has an outstanding reputation for quality and service, has a small internal group who are professional customers.

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They call in orders for comparable merchandise. They time the response, they check on courtesy, they time how long it takes to deliver an order. Find out what can be done.

You can compare yourself to your direct competitors. A second tool is something that was pioneered by Xerox called "benchmarking. Then they try to find out what practices are in place there that could be adopted at their organization.

But they now have a standard and a whole set of practices which they can adapt to their own environment. These first two steps are carried out in many places in Japan through a process called Quality Function Deployment.

QFD is a formal technique that attempts to get "the voice of the customer" echoed into the design and manufacture of the product. The customer says, for instance, "What we really are worried about it the comfort of the ride. Then they go to the engineers, and the engineers say, "What does a comfortable ride translate into?

Once they get it fine-tuned enough -- it requires, say, a change in the amount of lubrication in the shock absorber -- they reflect those changes in the way they manufacture shock absorbers.

Third step Step Three is a combination of setting internal goals and mapping out the relationship between the desired ends, and internal practices. You need to discover which are the levers that have the greatest effect on the outcome.To identify patterns of behavior, I first grouped U.S.

plants into categories according to their quality performance on two dimensions—internal quality (defect rates in the factory) and external.

Managing Quality: The Strategic and Competitive Edge [David A. Garvin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Compares American and Japanese quality management, pinpoints weaknesses in American production, and argues for a more sophisticated understanding of quality which can improve the competitive position of U.S.

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The Journal of International Management Studies, Volume 4, Number 1, February, brand when there is a brand cue. That is, consumers can tell a brand correctly if they ever saw or heard it.

Garvin's 8 Dimensions of Quality in Digital Design Apr 23, · #post In college, I was in an academic program that prepared business and engineering students for consulting careers. Our coursework focused on applying different quality tools to real-world scenarios.

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