High tech government contracting

PDF Overview Mary Karen Wills is an expert in the field of government contract accounting, administration, and compliance. She has over 30 years of experience providing consulting and financial advisory services to companies and organizations that range from middle market to the Fortune to international NGOs.

High tech government contracting

Participants in acquisition plan preparation including source selection committee During the planning of an acquisition, several key aspects of the effort are decided, including: Measurable outcomes must be stated clearly.

Required amount and type of funding for the proposed acquisition Contract line item number CLIN structure: Failure to properly structure the CLIN structure to the contents of a work statement can lead to an inability to determine how much a contractor should be paid or penalized if performance issues arise.

Source selection criteria SSC: Source selection criteria "1 Represent the key areas of importance and emphasis to be considered in the source selection decision; and 2 Support meaningful comparison and discrimination between and among competing proposals.

Independent Government cost estimate Market research: Market research is a critical part of knowledge-based acquisitions. Information-driven and informed decision-making requires complete information to execute successful acquisitions.

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Risk in contracting falls into three categories — schedule risk, performance risk and cost risk. Risks to the acquisition, including negative past experiences, must be identified and mitigation measures and risk allocation between the Government and a potential vendor determined.

Government provided equipment, resources, support or information: Often, the Government must provide for equipment, logistics support, information, and many other items vital to performance of a contract.

If there are proprietary information in the potential Government furnished information GFIthen measures must be taken to avoid violation of applicable regulations. Effective market research assists the Government in: Requiring activities are sometimes asked to write work statements on subject matter with which they have little experience.

Persons with little knowledge as to how to conduct market research must seek training or guidance or apply the same common sense they would use if they were buying a high value item for themselves.

Stripped Down Components[ edit ] Work statement: The more vague the contract work statement, the more risk that the Government assumes.

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A measure of the inability to achieve program objectives within defined cost and schedule constraints. Risk is associated with all aspects of the program, for example, threat, technology, design processes, Work breakdown structure WBS elements, etc. It has two components, the probability of failing to achieve a particular outcome, and the consequences of failing to achieve that outcome.

High tech government contracting

What are our remedies, if any? Requiring activities and frequently contracting officers want to get an acquisition on contract as quickly as possible; sometimes too quickly.

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Thus, contracting officers and acquisition attorneys will frequently have to carefully review the overall acquisition to identify risks to cost, schedule and performance and recommend mitigation measures to decrease these risk areas.Model N supports the complex business needs of the world’s leading brands in pharmaceutical, medical device, high tech, manufacturing and semiconductors across more than countries, including Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Sanofi, Gilead, Abbott, Stryker, AMD, Micron, Seagate, STMicroelectronics, NXP, Sesotec, and Southern States.

The government has said it will release the final contract proposal in May and pick a provider by September, giving the winner until March to receive the classified certification, if necessary. High-Tech Government Contracting – FedBizOpps FedBizOppsl enhance opportunities for minorities The Federal Business Opportunity is an initiative that President Barack Obama initiated to held the disadvantaged, the minority, and the general citizenry have the same cutting age in the free American economy (Gallagher, ).

PErspective in Government Contracting is a recurring feature exploring the role of private equity in the government contracting industry. saw robust dealmaking in the government contracting sector, and this dynamic is likely to continue through , according to Bloomberg Government.

In the D.C. suburbs, giant government contractors like Booz Allen, Boeing and Northrop Grumman occupy shiny high-rise buildings with floors and floors of cubicles and corner offices.

Nearby, in Rosslyn, small government contractors share one open-plan floor of another shiny high-rise, hoping to amplify their voices and expertise by joining forces.

internet, telecom/broadband, technology, printing/lithographic, direct mail, government contracting, and moving and storage industries. Greg holds a Masters Certificate in Business Management from the A. B. Freeman Graduate School of Business at Tulane.

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