Level satisfaction of the students towards the school facilities

Tangibility has an alpha coefficient of 0. It can be gleaned from the result that the instrument used to measure the level of satisfaction of students towards the service quality of La Salle University seems to be quite reliable with alpha coefficients all higher than 0.

Level satisfaction of the students towards the school facilities

The present study aimed to find an appropriate method to inform senior high school students to correctly select their academic field of study and their intentions. This is a descriptive-analytic and cross-sectional study. A verified questionnaire was given to a total of students selected by stratified random sampling method ten different colleges and entrance year from the 1st to 4th are considered as the strata.

Level satisfaction of the students towards the school facilities

The position of the present field of study major among the list of the fields in the entrance exam was asked. Also, the results revealed the good reputation of SUMS in the first year and its downward trend during the following years.

Dissatisfaction with SUMS and field of study increased little by little so that the results obtained among the students who had entered the university earlier in the 4th year of their study showed nearly The methods for introducing the university are recommended to be revised.

Medical student, Intention, Satisfaction Introduction Informative selection in each affair can have more suitable results. If the people are timely provided with correct and up to date information, they can make up their minds easily and confidently. Moreover, they will accept the results of their choice more willingly.

Therefore, they will accept the future path because of their correct choice. For instance, high school students selecting their field of study in the university hope to insure their future success.

Nowadays, the adults who are not satisfied with their lives and careers believe one reason for their dissatisfaction to be the careless selection of and lack of enough information about their field of study in the university.

In our country, Iran, university entrance exam is simultaneously held all over the country each year. In this large scale exam, there is a competition among the volunteers and they are compared in terms of their previous scientific information. Then, based on the result of the exam and also their interest, they choose some study fields in a list and each volunteer waits to see the final results.

Doubtlessly, perfect and correct information about universities will assist them in making a better decision 34. Several studies have been conducted in order to find the effective factors in selection of university fields all over the world.

However, the meaning of selection will be more limited for the high school students in our country. They should pass the barrier of university entrance exam and then choose their study fields with regards to their ranks in the exam. An investigation among the Iranian medical students in Jahrom Fars province, south of Iranfor instance, showed that the students had a passive attitude toward their own fields of study.

Additionally, some university professors gave lectures in some selected Shiraz high schools in and some student consultation centers were designed in to introduce the university to the students. Therefore, SUMS is one of the pioneers of publicity and spreading information among all the medical universities in Iran.

In this way, not only it introduces its colleges, different fields, and equipment to high school student and helps them for better selection, but it also invites and accepts more talented students. The designed informative methods of SUMS each have some advantages and disadvantages.

Although exhibition and consulting, as the University Open Day, provide some information as well as more details on university facilities and fields, finding other notification methods seems necessary. At this point, the appropriate time for exhibition and efficient publicity is so important that it will need a perfect planning and management.

A study conducted by Shayegh et al. The advantages of the university professors presenting lectures in high schools include being more economical and providing a suitable opportunity with no stress for the high school students to have face to face sessions with the professors before the entrance exam.

However, due to the small number of interested volunteer professors, limited time, and large number of high schools, this method is done in some selected high schools in Shiraz. Finally, last summer inuniversity talented students office held a consultation exhibition for the students to choose their fields of study in the university.

Some gifted students in each field introduced their study fields and assisted them to have a proper selection. In the present research, we aimed to evaluate these programs among the undergraduate students who have entered our university in the recent 4 years to and asked about how they got familiar with the university and their consultation source for selection.

The results of this research help improve the mentioned programs and design a new method for providing high-school students with enough and useful information about SUMS.

Methods The subjects of the present study included most university students in the field of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and bachelor students in different fields in SUMS.

The aim of this study was that census of most undergraduate and graduate students, professional students at the University to participate in a survey admitted at The students were selected by stratified random sampling method ten different colleges and entrance year from 1st to 4th are considered as the stratums.

The number of participants is people and people have participated in the study. The fields of study include medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, midwifery, medical management, rehabilitation, paramedical sciences, and nutrition.Satisfaction Among Student Towards Library Facilities and Services.

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