Molar notes

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Molar notes

Mammal tooth In mammals, the crown of the molars and premolars are folded into a wide range of complex shapes. The basic elements of the crown are the more or less conical projections called cusps and the valleys that separate them.

The cusps contain both dentine and enamel, whereas Molar notes projections on the crown, called crenullations, are the result of different enamel thickness.

Cusps are occasionally joined to form ridges and expanded to form crests. Cingula are often incomplete ridges that pass around the base of the crown. According to the widely accepted "differentiation theory", additional cusps have arisen by budding or outgrowth from the crown, while the rivalling "concrescence theory" instead proposes that complex teeth evolved by the clustering of originally separate conical teeth.

It is generally agreed that therian mammals placentals and marsupials evolved from an ancestor with tribosphenic cheek teeth, with three main cusps arranged in a triangle.

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There are two main types of molar pregnancy Liquid to solid freezing, solidification An example of sublimation is dry ice. It is solid carbon dioxide and goes directly from the solid state to gas in the open atmosphere.

Morphology[ edit ] Generalized cusp of a mammalian molar. Suffixes are added to these names: A shelf-like ridge on the lower part of the crown on an upper molar is called a cingulum ; the same feature on the lower molar a cingulid, and a minor cusp on these, for example, a cingular cuspule or conulid.

The protocone is on the lingual tongue side, while the anterior paracone and posterior metacone are on the buccal cheek side of the jaw. The design that is considered one of the most important characteristics of mammals is a three-cusped shape called a tribosphenic molar.

This molar design has two important features: In modern tribosphenic molars, the trigonid is towards the front of the jaw and the talonid towards the rear.

The tribosphenic tooth is found in insectivores and young platypuses adults have no teeth.

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Upper molars look like three-pointed mountain ranges; lowers look like two peaks and a third off to the side. The tribosphenic design appears primitively in all groups of mammals. Some paleontologists believe that it developed independently in monotremes or australosphenidansrather than being inherited from an ancestor that they share with marsupials and placentals or boreosphenidans ; but this idea has critics and the debate is still going on.

Some Jurassic mammals, such as Shuotherium and Pseudotriboshave "reversed tribosphenic" molars, in which the talonid is towards the front.

Molar notes

This variant is regarded as an example of convergent evolution. In many groups, a fourth cusp, the hypocone hypoconidsubsequently evolved see below. Quadrate[ edit ] Pig tooth Quadrate also called quadritubercular or euthemorphic molars have an additional fourth cusp on the lingual tongue side called the hypocone, located posterior to the protocone.

Quadrate molars appeared early in mammal evolution and are present in many species, including hedgehogsraccoonsand many primatesincluding humans. In many mammals, additional smaller cusps called conules appear between the larger cusps.

They are named after their locations, e. They are most common among omnivores such as pigs, bears and humans.Oxidane (IUPAC); is not preferred name is 'water' 1 H 2 O is also known as protium oxide, when distinguishing isotopologues.

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Background of Gases Kinetic Molecular Theory: explains the behavior of gases in terms of random motion with no volume and no forces of attraction. UP temperature -> breaks bonds faster -> .

An example of sublimation is dry ice. It is solid carbon dioxide and goes directly from the solid state to gas in the open atmosphere. You can make liquid carbon dioxide, but it must be done under about 5 atmospheres of pressure. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in Amazon's fulfillment centers, and we directly pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products.

What is a Logarithm?

What is an Exponent?

A Logarithm goes the other way.. It asks the question "what exponent produced this?": And answers it like this: In that example: The Exponent takes 2 and 3 and gives 8 (2, used 3 times in a multiplication, makes 8); The Logarithm takes 2 and 8 . Short Notes: Form 4 Chemistry Chemical Formulae and Equation Calculation. Summary Summary ÷ molar volume.

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