Paper cutting patterns

More paper-cutting patterns Experiment with the constructions below. Put the best examples into your journal, along with comments that describe and explain what is going on. Be careful to make your examples large enough to illustrate clearly the symmetries that are present.

Paper cutting patterns

No Comments An Intermediate-level Kirigami Project For those creative types who love crafting and want to learn about different art forms from around the world, there is one great form of paper art that begins with a simple piece of paper and a cutting tool. Kirigami is the ancient Japanese art of paper cutting and has become a very popular art form in the crafting world today.

Truly a wonderful creative technique, kirigami can be used to create any Paper cutting patterns of things including greeting cards, stationery, hanging mobiles, gift decorations and more. For anyone who has never tried kirigami, start with a piece of paper any size or shapea pencil, and either a scalpel knife with a cutting mat or a sharp pair of scissors.

First, fold the paper in half and start drawing from the folded edge. Feel free to try a simple kirigami pattern or an outline of half an image. Cut along the lines, making sure not to cut off the folded edge since this is what will keep both pieces together.

Paste it to a greeting card, attach it to gift wrap or string it up with other kirigami designs for a mobile. When you become more comfortable with simple kirigami, feel free to try more intricate patterns and images like a group of flowers, butterflies, dragons and more.

Play around with the cutouts to see what looks best for you. Secure them to paper with contrasting colors, cut out textured paper, or even try it with fabric. The whole point of this craft is to have fun and let your creative juices flow! Miho likes to write about crafts, Tokyo life, and her pursuit of a more positive lifestyle.

Paper cutting patterns

She regularly provides Japanese style crafts, sewing, and eco how-to projects through her blog at http: Free Kirigami Patterns for Beginners: Printable Kirigami Patterns for Children: You can find about 50 free kirigami patterns on this page that are designed for young children.

These would make great projects to work on with a kindergarten to second grade student on a rainy day. Free Kirigami Gift Pattern: This is a very simple gift pattern that is suitable for an adult who is beginning to learn kirigami. Free Flower Garden Card Pattern: This kirigami flower card is a little more difficult because it has a lot of curves.

It would make a good second project. Free Kirigami Butterfly Pattern:Paper cutting for absolute beginners by Paper Scissors Rock.

I’m delighted to have super-talented paper cutter, Sam from Paper Scissors Rock guest-posting at The Paperdashery about paper cutting. Just take a look at her amazing skills below. Papercutting is a fabulous art form.

You can create anything from simple graphic designs to incredibly detailed three-dimensional images. In this tutorial you'll discover all the tools and techniques you need to start creating your own works of papercut art.

A self-healing cutting mat is essential. Site contains patterns and instructions for cutting out over paper snowflakes and also machine cutting files for 58 selected paper snowflakes for use in scrapbooking and cutting .

I've categorized some of these so that they are easier to find, but some of them belong in two or more categories. I'm always adding new ones!

Papercut Patterns are modern sewing patterns with a strong focus on design and sustainability. Paper cutting is an art with a long history. Its first origins date back to the 4th century after the invention of the paper by the Chinese.

Some of their earliest uses for papercutting were for religious decorations or stencils used for patterns in embroidery.

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