Plato the philosopher essay

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Plato the philosopher essay

Hire Writer The last and final argument is one of the most important arguments that Socrates will make throughout the whole story.

Phaedo ends his account to Echecrates by telling us of the final words of Socrates. Socrates was a well known Greek philosopher, known chiefly through the writings of his students, such as Plato who wrote the novel in which we are reflecting.

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Socrates did not write down any of his ideas or knowledge, but instead instilled it upon other people who took the re- sponsibility of writing it down for themselves. He argues that the soul is a separate entity from the body, and that we must separate the soul as far as possible from it.

He relates this to death, by saying that death is this freeing and parting of the soul from the body. In order for something to be big, it had to come from being small, it increased in size but it could go the opposite way and decrease in size as well.

This argument relates to the soul and the body by saying that being alive has an opposite, which is being dead. In order for the op-posites argument to be logical, one must be able to come back from the dead and be alive, so it is from the dead that living things come to be alive.

This leads us to believe that the soul is immor- tal, and existed before the body. What he is pre- senting in this argument, is the fact that when we recognize something, it brings us back to think- ing about something else.

So when we recognize this first object, it triggers our minds to remem- ber something that is associated with that object. Therefore, when we remember something we are recollecting back to a previous state or time or object.

He argues that these recollections canat are unlike the items we have recollected. What occurs must be recollection Plato 74d. When we were born, we obtained the ability to see, hear, and possess all of the other senses, but we had this knowledge before our senses, so therefore we had this knowledge before we were even born.

This argument leads back to his original point that the soul exists outside of the body. This suggests that we must distinguish between things that are material, visi- ble, and perishable and things that are immaterial, invisible, and immortal.

Plato the philosopher essay

In this case, the body is the thing that is perishable, while the soul is immortal and lives on. He brings up the point in this argu- ment that the soul may wander, but eventually it is put into a different body or it will spend its time with the Gods.

After his third argument, Simmias and Cebes finally interject and give their counterargu- ments to Socrates. Simmias is the first to present his counterargument, by comparing the topic of the soul existing after the death of the body, to the attunement of an instrument.

When the instrument is no longer there, if it was completely broken or burned, there would no longer be a tune.

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The tune of one instrument does not just travel to a separate instrument when the original one is gone. Cebes argument states that the soul does still live on after the body is dead, but that it is not entirely immortal.

In this case, Socrates was getting ready to die. This could mean only two things to me, the first being that he was being cured of his life by dying and being closer than ever to the one thing that philosophers dedicate their time to, sep- arating his soul from his body and having that soul be free.

The second interpretation I came up with is that he offered this cock to the god Asclepius to avoid any misfortune after he dies, while his soul is still living.

All in all, Socrates had many deep and thought provoking arguments as to why the soul and the body are separate, and why the soul continues to live after the body has perished. Whether or not these arguments seemed logical, or were very believable, Socrates spent his whole life dedicated to the ideas of Philosophy, and he spent his final hours instilling his beliefs upon those who cared about him.Philosophy- Plato's Dialogue Essay.

Plato’s dialogue: The Gorgias, ee: The Speech of Callicles When I first began to read this passage I was a little confused at the message Callicles was sending to reader and to the philosophers of that time.

The ancient philosopher Plato does not directly address this question in his writings, but it can be argued that the logic of his theory of forms demands the existence of forms that are negative in meaning, such as the evil and the bad.

Philosopher King Essay Words | 3 Pages. 1. Who is the Philosopher King - the ideal rulers, philosophers who become kings 2. Why is he the ideal ruler – Plato believes the PK is the ideal ruler because they will govern with virtue and justice with no hidden .

Philosophy- Plato's Dialogue Essay Plato’s dialogue: The Gorgias, ee: The Speech of Callicles When I first began to read this passage I was a little confused at the message Callicles was sending to reader and to the philosophers of that time. The Three Important Philosophers: Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle Essay However he is still considered a very important philosopher in Greek history.

The only documents written about Socrates’s life are written by Plato, Xenophon, and Aristophanes. This essay will be examining the ethics of Plato ( BCE) and Aristotle ( BCE) to analyse, justify and compare the major concepts of the two philosophers therein.

I will argue that Aristotle’s solution to the problem of the ‘good life’ is a better answer than Plato.

Great Philosophers: Plato