Speed thrills but also kills

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Speed thrills but also kills

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The number of deaths increased by five to 30 in the first quarter of compared with 25 in same period of The Interior Ministry warned motorists against exceeding the specified speed on internal and external roads, and over the use of fake, unserviceable or expired tyres, in order to avoid traffic accidents.

Brigadier Ghaith Hassan Al Za'abi, Director-General of the Traffic Coordination Department at the Ministry of Interior, said the number of speeding offenses during the first quarter of this year, has seen an increase of 33, He stressed that the number of such offenses amounted to 1.

He pointed out that the increase in the number of over-speeding violations is minor compared to the significant increase in the number of new vehicles and driving licenses.

There is also the increase in the number of road radars, which ensure commitment to speed limits. He confirmed that the indicators point to an improvement of traffic in general during the past years as a result of the efforts of the Ministry of Interior and traffic departments to achieve the required awareness among road users - from drivers to pedestrians.Nov 16,  · SPEED THRILLS BUT KILLS!

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It is an obvious fact that errors at a higher speed are always more dangerous than the ones at lowers speeds. Factors leading to speeding.

Alchohol also leads to agression that results in speeding among the drivers under the influence. Speed Thrills: Leadership Velocity.

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Reckless speed kills your team and your business. Purposeful speed thrills and is exciting to be involved with.

Speed thrills but also kills

Set the right pace. Superfast: I’m also building up a community of pace-setters who are interested in this area. Abu Dhabi: A 20 per cent increase in deaths due to exceeding the speed limit, has been recorded during the first quarter of the year, reported Al Khaleej newspaper.

Speed Thrills but Kills In: Other and the traffic police needs to be vigilant. stringent actions ought to be taken up not only by the government but also by the people to seize this menace on the killing roads. people seen bereft of helmets and seat belts should be heavily penalized.

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the epitome lies again in the Indian capital where. Motorbikes accidents are growing rapidly in India. Wearing a helmet and keeping the speedometer within a safe zone would not harm anyone. It is high time that riders understand their. "Speed Thrills but Kills." This does not only hold true when it comes to driving.

It is relevant for any one who does not know how to control the speed of their life.

Speed thrills but kills essay