The development of ethnic identity during adolescence essay

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The development of ethnic identity during adolescence essay

Broadly, socialization in the context of ethnic identity development refers to the acquisition of behaviors, perceptions, values, and attitudes of an ethnic group s.

These contextual systems or networks of influence delineate from ecological systems theory. Children may internalize both positive and negative messages and therefore hold conflicting feelings about ethnicity. Socialization highlights how early experiences for children are considered crucial in regards to their ethnic identity development.

The development of ethnic identity during adolescence essay

Ethnic Identity Search- During the onset of adolescence, there is a questioning of accepted views of ethnicity and a greater understanding of ethnicity in a more abstract sense. Typically this stage has been characterized as being initiated by a significant experience that creates heightened awareness of ethnicity, such as discrimination.

The achievement phase includes a secure, confident, and stable sense of self. In essence, the individual has internalized their ethnicity. Ethnic identity has been linked with positive self-evaluation [17] and self-esteem. Researchers posit commitment to an ethnic identity group s is related to additional resources accumulated through the exploration process, including social support.

Also, while commitment to an ethnic group s is related to additional resources, exploration is related to a lack of ready-access resources. Resources like family cohesion, proportion of same-ethnic peers, and ethnic centrality act as correlates of within-person change in ethnic identity, but it is only on the individual level and not as adolescents as a group.

Due to the fact the individuals studied are typically from the United States, it may not be appropriate to extend findings or models to individuals in other countries.

Some research has been conducted outside of the United States, however a majority of these studies were in Europe or countries settled by Europeans.

This type of design pales in comparison to longitudinal design whose topic of investigation is developmental in nature. This is because cross-sectional studies collect data at or around the same time from multiple individuals of different ages of interest, instead of collecting data over multiple time points for each individual in the study, which would allow the researcher to compare change for individuals over time, as well as differences between individuals.

Another research consideration in the field is why certain ethnic and racial groups are looking towards their own expanding community for mates instead of continuing interracial marriages. An article in The New York Times explained that Asian-American couples have been kicking the trend and finding Asian mates because it gives them resurgence of interest in language and ancestral traditions.

Adolescence: Developing Independence and Identity

Some researchers question the number of dimensions of ethnic identity development. For example, some measures of ethnic identity development include measures of behaviors, such as eating ethnic food or participating in customs specific to an ethnic group. One argument is that while behaviors oftentimes express identity, and are typically correlated with identity, ethnic identity is an internal structure that can exist without behavior.

This method helps us collect the most accurate and relevant information about the subjective identification of the participant, and can be useful in particular with respect to research with multiethnic individuals.The development of a strong and stable sense of self is widely considered to be one of the central tasks of adolescence [1].

Despite the fact that identity development occurs throughout one's lifetime, adolescence is the first time that individuals begin to think about how our identity may affect our lives [2].

The development of ethnic identity during adolescence essay

This paper will summarize the assignment The Development of Ethnic Identity during Adolescence. The paper will focus on definitions and discuss the various theories that speak to ethnic Identity during development, and finally the one of the many models for testing identity ethnic development.

FREE COURSE THE WORLD, THE JEWS AND THE SCIENCE OF HUMAN SURVIVAL Anti-Semitism, division, separation, violent conflicts and a general breakdown of the institutions of human society. Adolescent Identity Development Brandi Gibson COM/ September 5, Nicole Hudson Self-structure is what defines the term, identity.

Identity is made of what drives an individual, the abilities they have, what they believe, and . The content on this page is condensed from the ACT for Youth online presentation Adolescent Ethnic and Racial Identity Development by Alana Butler, Cornell University.

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[] Phinney, J. S. (). Stages of ethnic identity development in . The Counselling Unit. As teacher counsellors, we believe that counselling is a deeply significant and meaningful process where we help our students develop life skills and personal resilience to better manage difficulties and challenges in their lives.

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