The glass menagerie questions

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The glass menagerie questions

However, it is not a true autobiographical work in the sense that there is chronological order and true documented facts to his life.

At times individuals exhibit selective memory, this is a period whereby we choose to remember certain things the way we would like them to be rather than the way things actually happened.

The play centers around three family members — Laura, Tom and their mother Amanda. Missing from the family group is the father. He is represented in the play by a photograph that sits on the mantle.

It is learned early on in the play from Tom that the father had abandoned the family and that the father had sent a postcard one time.

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Also in Scene One Tom tells us that the play is memory. Being a memory play, it is dimly lighted, it is sentimental and not realistic. Here the audience begins to have the feeling that it is a flashback to a type of recollection — whether it is true enough to the reality of the event is yet to be determined.

The glass menagerie questions

In memory plays everything seems to happen to music. The tone and the timing of the music give another type of dimension to the audience. It sets the mood and even foreshadows events to come. We will write a custom essay sample on The Glass Menagerie: Tom is the narrator of the play and Amanda and Laura rely on him for their financial well being.

He is usually situated out on the fireplace which again allows the audience to also be viewing what had already happened. He is physically removed from the current activities that are going on in the play and he becomes the storyteller.

Giving is opinion to what happened from recall. Tom works at a shoe warehouse and despises his work. Tom escapes through literature, movies and liquor. Amanda is a genteel southern woman with what she paints as a glamorous past.

She too is living from memory and not on the present.

Tennessee Williams

Laura is a physically handicapped girl who is agonizingly shy. She also appears to have strong mental vulnerabilities. One example is her maintaining a lie about going to business school even though she spends countless hours wandering around the streets of St.

Laura lives in her own glass house. A world of fragile glass figurines, fragile just has her mental state.

The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

However she is able to care for them and mesmerize herself. She is kept in a world of glass out of touch from everything and sometimes out of touch with reality. After a fair amount of coaxing and pleading with Tom, Amanda finally manages to manipulate Tom into inviting a work associate home for dinner with the premise of finding Laura a suitor.

Not only does Amanda view her daughter as having physical crippling issues, she further continues with the crippling of her daughters psyche in being able to choose her own companions.The glass menagerie is a metaphor for a fragile life.

this represents beauty and fantasy. The glass unicorn symbolizes virginity and fragility of Laura, also regret. Hopefully, you've taken advantage of the flashcards and have studied your words.

Now, take the quiz and see what words you still need to study more. World Café Discussion: The Glass Menagerie.

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The following questions were considered during the World Café discussion in class today. Selected responses are recorded below. The Glass Menagerie is a play about _____ because _____.

Confinement – Amanda trapped in the past. The Glass Menagerie is a memory play for both Tom Wingfield and Tom “Tennessee” Williams as they try to overcome their regrets and to reconcile themselves with the past.

The glass menagerie questions

Other Books Related to The Glass Menagerie. You can access questions about The Glass Menagerie in Castle Learning. Teachers will find a combination of question types available to assess comprehension of The Glass Menagerie, including: multiple choice, short answer, fill-in-the-blank, and constructed/extended response.

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