Three essays on the fundamentals of piano-playing

Student Answers thewanderlust Student I think that this would be an essay that would be very fun to write. Here are some suggestions: Write about how you started to play, why you began playing, and why you have continued to play.

Three essays on the fundamentals of piano-playing

All rights reserved One of my aunts was born with no fingers on her right hand. She used to play the piano. My mother and all my aunts and all their friends used to play the piano.

Nobody was brilliant at it; but they all did it. Many but not all girls of my generation learned to play too.

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I was so possessive of our piano that I carved my name into the back of it. Teaching girls to play the piano is less common now, not such a matter of routine.


But then, with your hands and feet you gradually got control of this big apparatus, and when it did your will, you could make it sing. Then it would express your feelings. Playing my piano gave me not only some power, but some voice. Power and voice were hard for girls to come by, and so the piano was a most treasured thing.

If you had a piano to play and a horse to ride, you were almost complete. Pianos have always attracted and fascinated me, and I have come to associate them with women and diaries and emotion, with power and sexuality.

Fundamentals of Piano Practice: Chapter 1: Piano Technique

The diary was the safe private place in which women of last century could express their feelings and thoughts in words; the piano was private and subversive, yet at the same time it was safely public.

Your audience pays attention as you tease the tunes from the strings. The strings are struck by hammers which get their signal from the keys which are struck by you.

The glorious power in the fingers! And imagine that clever aunt who could do it without fingers, too. The piano is made from beautiful wood, carved, with brass or silver candlesticks; it might have red silk behind fretwork; it might have images of flowers or birds inlaid in the surface of the case.

It is a sweet, romantic, beloved thing. Like a big smile, the keys made, once upon a time, from the tusks of elephants lie before you, silent, waiting for you to strike.

The picture of a girl at her piano is a charming picture -- the girl is safe behind closed doors, attached to the furniture, making pretty sounds. She feels good because she has the power to make music; her guardians feel good because she seems, while charming them, to be still within their control.

Three essays on the fundamentals of piano-playing

A girl who practises the piano is not out in the woods with boys.The only book available today that teaches how to practice at the piano, not just what techniques you need (scales, runs, hand/finger independence, endurance, jumps, tone, relaxation, etc.), but how to acquire such skills quickly, with specific examples from famous compositions by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin.

You can learn piano up to times faster compared to other methods. Jul 25,  · Forums and discussion of recording, guitar, bass, keyboard.

This is a link to "Three Essays on the Fundamentals of Piano-Playing" (which is a discussion of piano technique). Pianist Hugh Sung has been a soloist and chamber musician since his Philadelphia Orchestra debut at age He has performed at Carnegie Hall, Weill Hall, Wigmore Hall, and many others. Jul 25,  · # - 07/24/06 AM Fundamentals of Piano Playing Essays: Jazzwee MP Hall of Fame Member Registered: 02/19/06 Posts: Loc: Los Angeles This is a link to "Three Essays on the Fundamentals of Piano-Playing" (which is a discussion of piano technique).

Fundamentals of Piano Practice by Chuan C. Chang. To my wife Merry and our daughters Eileen and Sue-Lynn The material of Chapter One originated from my notes on how the late Mlle.

Yvonne Combe taught our daughters. Mlle. Combe was Debussy's disciple and helped transcribe his new compositions as he played Momentum Theory of Piano Playing. The Fundamentals of Essays Composed Revealed Absolutely each one of these sources you use ought to be mentioned in the record at the ending of your own essay.

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Fundamentals of Piano Practice — Fundamentals of Piano Practice