To what extent can control of

Monday, 28 December How much control do we have in shaping our own identities? Having read Kayleigh James' blog on how language is used to control thought and behaviour,i felt encouraged to explore more on who really controls our identities. Kayleigh mentioned that religious beliefs and doctrines tend to control the way people think. And she wasn't convinced that these religious people had any control over their own thoughts.

To what extent can control of

By Stuart Sorensen - RMN Many people think about their lives as something that just happens to them instead of something that they can control themselves. They drift through life reacting to the actions of others instead of taking steps on their own behalf.

Such people are like rudderless boats on the ocean, completely at the mercy of the tides to take them wherever they will.

In the case of a boat on the sea, sooner or later the shifting currents will run it aground or break it upon the rocks. Most people would agree that it would be much better if someone steered the boat past the danger and out into clear waters instead. People are just the same. Of course most people understand this idea, at least intellectually or as it applies to other people.

The difficulty is that it often feels easier to leave all the decisions to someone or something else. If we can make another person responsible for our situation or our circumstances then somehow we can be happy without having to make any effort.

We can give other people authority over us if we wish but we can never make them responsible for us, our actions or our happiness. These things can only ever be our own responsibility. Counselors have a habit of talking about responsibility, encouraging clients to become more and more responsible, often without really explaining why.

To what extent can control of

Not surprisingly, without proper explanation the message often fails to get through. What follows then is an attempt to explain the rather difficult concept of responsibility in a short handout designed to clear up the questions, reservations and misunderstandings many people have on the subject.

We are all responsible already for everything we do. When we try to give responsibility away all we actually do is surrender control. We still remain responsible and accountable for our actions, behaviors and our emotions.

If we give up control when we could work to keep it ourselves we are responsible for the decision to do so.

We are responsible for our choice to abdicate responsibility. The law would and does argue that he was responsible before he started drinking and chose to give up that responsibility to alcohol. He remains responsible and accountable.

One school of thought argues that responsibility or the lack of it is strongly associated with most forms of mental distress. Obviously the strength of this association varies depending upon the problem.

Organic disorders often happen whatever we choose to do and no matter how responsible we try to be.

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In such cases our responsibility is severely limited although we can still have a measurable input in a surprising number of disorders. For example choosing to comply with medication or stress management regimes has been shown to significantly improve the relapse rate in disorders such as Schizophrenia or Bi-Polar Disorder.

Other disorders such as neurosis or reactive depression carry much higher responsibility and recovery is much more dependant upon the choices made by the sufferer.

In these cases there is a very great deal that sufferers can do to help themselves and that gives them options and therefore responsibilities.

One major problem is that people can only realistically make choices if they believe that they have some control over their situation. The first step in accepting responsibility is to acknowledge our ability to choose. At the start of this handout we talked briefly about people who think of the world as something which happens to them.

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Of course this is easier said than done. If we accept that we have choices and responsibility now then we also accept that we had choices and responsibility in the past. If they allowed their lives to become traumatic by inaction, possibly with unpleasant consequences for others as well as themselves, it may seem easier to go on believing that they had no option, no control and so no responsibility.

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