Writing a cv is like eating an elephant clip

The plastic problem is so pervasive that our own reporting teams keep running into it around the world.

Writing a cv is like eating an elephant clip

Summary Analysis George Orwell works as the sub-divisional police officer of Moulmein, a town in the British colony of Burma. Because he is, like the rest of the English, a military occupier, he is hated by much of the village. Though the Burmese never stage a full revolt, they express their disgust by harassing Europeans at every opportunity.


Burmese trip Orwell during soccer games and hurl insults at him as he walks down the street. The young Buddhist priests torment him the most.

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From the outset, Orwell establishes that the power dynamics in colonial Burma are far from black-and-white. While he holds symbolic authority and military supremacy, Orwell is still powerless to stop the jibes and abuse he receives from oppressed Burmese.

He has yet to understand that the British empire is waning, and will soon be replaced with even worse regimes.

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However, while Orwell considers the empire an unconscionable tyranny, he still hates the insolent Burmese who torment him. This conflicted mindset is typical of officers in the British Raj, he explains. His morality staunchly opposes the abuses that result from empire and his own role in that empire, but he is unable to overcome his visceral urge to avenge the indignities he suffers at the hands of the Burmese.

His knee-jerk resentment at being humiliated—coupled with an implied sense that those humiliating him should see him as powerful and their better—seems to be as powerful as his higher-order ethics. Active Themes One day, a minor incident takes places that gives Orwell insight into the true nature of imperialism and the reasons behind it.

He receives a call from another policeman, informing him that a rogue elephant has been causing damage in the town. Orwell heads toward the affected area. The Burmese have been unable to restrain the elephant.

writing a cv is like eating an elephant clip

On its rampage, the elephant has destroyed public and private property and killed livestock. Orwell is able to better understand imperialism through his run-in with the elephant because the elephant serves as a symbol of colonialism. For example, much like the Burmese who have been colonized and who abuse Orwell, the elephant has been provoked to destructive behavior by being oppressed.

He tries to figure out the state of affairs, but, as is common in his experience of Asia, he finds that the story makes less and less sense the more he learns about it.

writing a cv is like eating an elephant clip

The mutilated corpse appears to have been in excruciating pain. Orwell orders a subordinate to bring him a gun strong enough to shoot an elephant. Evidently, colonialism and the power dynamics it entails are too convoluted to be contained within a single straightforward point of view.

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Whilst you may be convinced your CV is top notch thanks to an array of buzzwords indicating your potential as a prospective employee, it could be these very words that are hindering your chances. Chapter 1.

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