You should be writing avengers age

By Author and Historian Blaine L. This is the age of geeks and nerds and Marvel is our pimp selling us dirty-nerdy gratification. When I was a kid and you wore a super hero T-shirt, you were practically begging for a swirly. Now we rule the universe bitches!

You should be writing avengers age

Tuomas Lassila on Mar 4, 9 Can someone explain to me what the big deal about Vision is? Now Jarvis has his own body and powers which takes him to a whole Also, he's a brand new superhero that nobody has ever seen on screen before Mild mannered computer by day, caped crime fighter by night Other than that, it's ridiculous.

Of course, I'll watch, it's a good product. But that's all to it My sympathies for mr. Whedon are with his writing 'Cabin in the Woods'. That's the only thing I really like from him. But other than that, as a director, he delivers a good product.

That's all I am praising, not some big artistic values Hope they make a poster of that. David Diaz on Mar 4, 22 Hail joss whedon!

you should be writing avengers age

This will be fantastic! Spending years literally phoning in Jarvis and now he gets to be a pretty cool hero. Here's hoping they don't kill Vision off at the end. Maxx on Mar 4, 26 Anyone else get a few goosebumps by the end of it?

The money shot of them in the woods - Widow cracking a line and I'm so happy I can win a new Harley - mine's looking a bit beaten up. Who the heck came up with that story about it being an alien program?? Just goes to show you, you can't believe the rumors. Angry Lester on Mar 4, 29 So what's with the constantly tilting and rotating screen?

I hope someone explains what it's suppoed to do, because it is very distracting.May 01,  · Avengers: Age Of Ultron () May 1, Heather Films, Marvel age of ultron, avengers, ensemble, marvel, mcu, movies, reviews, superhero Today is the US release of Age .

If you enjoy the music from the Marvel movies, however, this is an album you should buy.

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There are several stand-out tracks. But the best are those that incorporate the original Avengers theme.4/5(50). "You just don't play fair."she mutters under her breath.

I give one last smirk before strolling back the way I came. When I get back to where I left Wanda I see almost all of the Avengers are ether sprawled out on the floor or supporting themselves against the wall.

If you’re a Marvel fan, you have to watch Avengers: Infinity War! And you’ll probably need to watch it many times. 10 years of Marvel has been leading to this film. There is humor, action, love, sacrifice, and all the other emotions you can pack into one movie.

YOU ARE READING. Silver streak, avengers age of ultron, quicksilver fic Random. What if the twins weren't the only 1s changed by hydra. What if there was another, a girl, they call her silver streak.

My aim with this series is basically, if you only read one Marvel comic -- not that you should read just one Marvel comic, but if you did -- if you picked this book up, this would show you the.

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